Deravatives Trading

Derivatives are essential for the financial organization as they facilitate to hedge adjacent to the risk and also offer you with an opportunity to profit from the incongruity in the market. Various derivative contracts comprise a noteworthy share of all the financial market dealings in the domestic as well as global markets. In India, derivative contracts are traded on National Stock Exchange (NSE) on a gigantic scale and their trade is becoming increasingly widespread even on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Derivative products are structured in manner so as to curtail the risk exposure of an investor.

Broadly in India there are four types of derivative trading available:-

• Forward

• Option

• Future

• swap

Index futures and stock options are instruments that allow you to hedge your portfolio or open positions in the market. Option contracts allow you to run your profits while restricting your downside risk. Both Asiancerc and ODIN applications offer you delightful trading experience in derivatives. The exe. version provides sophisticated analytical tools for charting and querying on the real time derivatives data. Powerful risk management features are in place for controlling customer exposures at the security level. To take care of the risk, Span Margining system manages the risks on derivative portfolios of the end customer.

In this segment also, ABS SMART SERVICES has promptly made investments to get hold of membership of all concerned exchanges and has upgraded its technology to serve all our Business Associates and investor-clientele to provide them better and varied opportunities for profit making and capital appreciation.

Why Derivatives are the best option in Current Scenario ?
The primary objective of any investor is to maximize gains, but since he is dealing in the Indian Capital his dealings are always attached with a certain amount of risk. The nature of an investor is such that he is not at all ready to take risk, but then again he also wants high returns. Derivatives are contacts that originated from the need to minimize the risk that is attached to the dealings. Derivatives allow risk about the price of the underlying asset to be transferred from one party to another A common misconception is to refer to derivatives as assets. This is erroneous, since a derivative is incapable of having value of its own Kamal

• To the maximum extent, you encompass to plot a route to the stock market on your own potential. Many a times, you have sensed beleaguered by the difficulty of building money again and again. Many a times, your broker has let you towards downhill, giving erroneous, inadequately researched and unqualified ruinous recommendation. Well ABS SMART SERVICES is here with its full armory to secure you from defenselessness, tenseness and frustration. Our aim is to bring confidence, security and peace of mind against impulsive market waves. India’s pre-eminent brokerage house ABS SMART SERVICES securities and finance ltd brings with it the elongated inheritance of confidence bestowed upon by the customers & fine relationships with some of the oldest clients. Established in year 2020 by Mr. Ajay Arora.

• At ABS SMART SERVICES we make available with the quality services whose utility distance beyond measly execution of buying and selling. Our widespread research facilitates you to incorporate enormous quantity of information concerning inclination in the economy, the markets, and trends of precise industries and/or group companies. Such jewels in the shape of information will rally round you, as an investor, in your investments or in undertaking any investment decisions. Our one and only purpose is to give a hand to make purposeful and premeditated assessments that will bout your individual needs with suitable investment alternatives. ABS SMART SERVICES can augment your investing understanding with:

• Outstanding trade execution capabilities on BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.

• Futures & Options / Derivatives trading for those with a higher risk appetite

• ABS SMART SERVICES membership of the Derivative Segment on all the above mentioned exchanges provides you with an opportunity to gain of numerous benefits of trading in derivatives. This take account of researched trading thoughts, equivocation and arbitrage tactics, strong risk management of leveraged spots and myriad others. Our Derivative Market segment has an amalgamated understanding of the equity and derivatives market that is brilliantly reflected in our unique and effective Trading / Hedging / Arbitrage strategies. Our most up-to-date technological infrastructure, live market reports, in-depth analysis and tracking services facilitate you to opt for appropriate and highly profitable derivative strategies such as Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Cover Call Writing, Hedging Strategies, etc that are explicit to your individual portfolio.

Customized Solutions:

• ABS SMART SERVICES Trading Platform offers online equity trading facilities for investors who are looking for the straightforwardness and expediency and hassle free trading experience. We provide Applications, which are high –end and trustworthy coupled with integrated trading platforms for fast, efficient and reliable execution of trades. These applications give you the privilege to trade at NSE and BSE simultaneously from any destination at your convenience. Our clients have access to a multitude of resources like live quotes, charts, research, advice; and online assistance, which help you to take informed decisions. Both trading systems offer integrated Asset Management system for executing delivery based trades, providing margins against shares and offer other products such as Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow without putting your position to risk. You can also trade through our Branch network on phone by calling our designated representatives in the Branches where you are registered as a client.


1. Cash N Carry

2. Deliveries on Margin

3. High Intra-day exposures .

Value Adds:

1. Stock collateral benefits

2. Digital Contract Notes

3. Research calls through multiple channels

4. Phone trade 5. Personal Investment Advisory.

ABS SMART SERVICES also offers Online trading as well as offline trading depending on the discretion of the clients:-

Online Trading:

The online trading serves you the expediency of trading from your home, office or still while you are traveling with your laptop. In case you are not in a situation to go online, you have the decision of calling up any of our branches and place an order on phone or you can even visit our branch personally. Online trading account gives you the power to:

• Trade via web, phone, or in person at a branch.

• Get admittance to acclaimed buy/sell recommendations and formulate the right investment conclusion.

• Move money (pay-outs & pay-ins of funds) easily through a zero balance account with

• Move securities easily through a demat account with cutting edge technology.

Off-line Trading

An Offline Securities Trading account offers you the handiness of trading from your home, office and even while you are traveling all the way through the telephone or SMS. You have the option of calling up any of our branches and place an order on phone or SMS or you can even visit our branch personally to trade through your account. Offline trading account gives you the power to:

• Trade through phone, or in person at branch or through the dedicated team of Relationship Managers.

• PAN India Network of Branch offices.

• NSE and BSE on an integrated platform.

• An account executive keeping a track of your portfolio in the market and suggest timely actions to help you make or save money.